Richard Crawford, Director of Mountain West ADC, years of service: 29 (since 1988)

Effective January 1, 2017, Richard Crawford was appointed to the BAC Mountain West Administrative District Council as Director to fulfill the remainder of Carlos Aquin’s term, who was promoted to The IU Executive Board as Executive Vice President.

Crawford Started his apprenticeship in Local #22 Sant Ana California as a Bricklayer in 1988. In 1995, Crawford became a member of BAC Local 4 California before moving to Las Vegas and becoming a member of BAC Local 3 Nevada and its successor Local 13. Crawford soon took on leadership roles in the Local, as Local 13’s Apprenticeship instructor and ICP Graduate Crawford was a Job steward and the safety trainer for scaffolding osha 10 and 30 from 1998 to 2006, Secretary-Treasurer in 2006 to 2016. He has been a trustee on local 13 funds and a trustee for the northern Nevada Building Trades Council since 2011.

Crawford was Secretary Treasurer of the BAC Mountain West Administrative District Council, which has jurisdiction over Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and portions of New Mexico, and Secretary Treasurer of BAC Local 13 Nevada.

In his current position Crawford has oversight responsibilities for the BAC Mountain West Administrative District Council, which has jurisdiction over Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and portions of New Mexico, and president of local #13 NV. Crawford also serves on the BAC Executive Council as Craft Vice President for Marble Masons. 


Anthony Invester, Secretary/Treasurer of Mountain West ADC, years of service: 10 (since 2007).

I Joined the BAC13NV 12/01/1998. In August of 2007 I was hired by Carlos Aquin as a Field Representative. In 2006 I was elected Chapter Chair in 2015 Vice Chair. In January 2017 I assumed the position of Secretary Treasurer to the BAC MW ADC .

Eduardo Zavala, Specialty Field Representative of Mountain West ADC, years of service: 13 (since 2004)

Started work in the union in 1997 as a Journeyman Finisher  then, in 2006 I started my training for apprentice setter at the IMI Training center 2008 finished my training as a Tile Setter. At same time, I started helping at the member's as a Job steward then, in 2009 I started to work at the Union office as an Organiser. Then, I went to Marilan IMI Trainig center and 2010, I took a training course as an OSHA instructor. In 2017, I got the position as a vice president and I work as a Field Representative

Jocob Gonzalez, Temparary Field Representative for Arizona and New Mexico

Richard Carr, Field Representative for Utah, years of service: 16 (since 2001)

May 2000 I moved to Antioch, Illinois and joined BAC Local 20 Lake County Illinois and worked there until November 2009 when the Recession hit and I moved back to Utah and became a Refractory bricklayer and started helping the local organizing, I did SALTING. Working refractory jobs whenever possible and SALTING at IMS Masonry.

In November 2011 a position came available at the Utah Local 1 for and Organizer/Field Representative, which paid 32 hours a week but worked 50 to 60 hours every week.

In December 2013 I was elected President of Local 1 Utah and then re-elected in December 2016, I am a Trustee on the JATC Fund and Health & Welfare Trust Fund for Utah Local 1 I have been a continuous member for 16years.

Jerome Gondek, Field Representative for Colorado and Wyoming, years of service: 5 (since 2012)

Johnnie Allen

I became a Member in 2002 as well as started working with the BAC Local 13 Nevada in September of 2002. I was born & raised right here in Las Vegas. Living in Las Vegas has given me great opportunities to work for some fantastic companies in the Construction Industry on the Vender / Material Supplier side as well as the General Contractor and Sub Contractor side giving me approximately 11 years of experience in the Construction Industry prior to working here. I’d have say my favorite part about working in the Construction Industry is working with down to earth people.  The thing that I enjoy most about my job here at the BAC Mountain West ADC is the members.

Denise McKnight

Denise McKnight working for BAC Local 07 CO in 2003 and has enjoyed it ever since. She is a Member of the OPEIU (Office Professionals Union). In January 2016 the Four Corners Administrative District council merged into the Mountain West Administrative District council. She has enjoyed working for Local 07 CO/WY as well as the 4 Corners ADC and enjoys working for the Mountain West ADC.